Persistent windows 10 keylogger (keylogiq)

In this post, I will describe how I created undetectable keylogger for windows 10. In the first place, why I decided to create my own tool, if already keyloggers exist. Well, I could not find any, which includes some additional functions as sending results over email every each X minutes, I want. In addition, most

Masking raspberry pi to look like and act like a router

This post continuous the story of infiltration in local network onsite with Raspberry pi (link). When you infiltrate in some serious network, where they have good security team and where system admins do their job on the right way, it is just a manner of time when they will detect your hacking gadget. I mean,

How to create Microsoft Office macro malware – phishing attack

Macro is still the most popular method for delivery of malware. It can be embedded in any Microsoft Office document; Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Generally the main purpose of macros is to automate tasks. Macros are written in programming language VBA (Virtual Basic for Applications). VBA is very flexible, so there is many options and

Embedding malicious file in any type of file

If you want to attack any victim you somehow need to trick victim to open malicious file. Usually normal user would not download and execute your malicious file, so you need to create some type of file (jpg, pdf, mp4, etc.) for which you know that victim will open it. And in this file you

Decode/Encode powershell payload – base64

In this post I will describe you how you can decode base64 string and encode it back. By default msfvenom does not have base64 encoder for powershell script. So, the first thing is that we need to create encoder and add it in metasploit folder. Here is the link for encoder created in ruby. Just

The art of bash scripting: Hack the linux

1. Introduction Those days many skids does not know how powerful bash scripting is. The simple language gives you limitless possibilities of task automatization, which consequently brings you many ways of hacking. With combination of social engineering and bash scripting, some big damage could be done. This article will be focused on hacking the linux;

Avoiding windows defender detection – powershell payload

How to avoid detection is a question of every attacker. In those days it is not easy to create payload which will avoid detection and triggering alarm. All antivirus software vendors including microfoft defender are putting big effort to protect users against threats, and each day they are doing their job better and better. They